The Dawning of Clarity: Ufology’s Need to Escape the Fogbank

Special note.  Am doing reviews and reports of each episode of Project Blue Book on the History Channel.  The History Channel so far has good and accurate background to the cases profiled in that show posted on their website, BUT the shows themselves provide a highly fictionalized and distorted view of these cases:

Over a seven decade period the field of study known a “ufology” has largely, not completely, devolved into a breeding ground for individualistic freelance commercial enterprises, quasi-religious movements, political camps offering contradicting ideologies, and escapist dissociation from the larger cultural order.

There are today few signs that this is a field of study adhering to the basic practice standards of academia or journalistic investigation.

Since there are a few remaining signs of work products that do adhere to such standards, like say Jerome Clark’s 3rd edition 2 volumed, 1552 pages long UFO Encyclopedia or Kevin Randle’s Roswell in the 21st Century, a basis exists for a group of ufologists to network together and devise an academic course of study that can be transferred to mainstream academic settings.  Given unfolding revelations, there would likely be an increased academic interest in directing attention to this long-time taboo subject.

(Within at least one ufo outfit, an academic course of study devised by Manuel Lamiroy is a model.)



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