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Final note, Feb 26 2019:

I end the writing at this point despite some unfinished articles.  I will add some material on my you tube channel once in awhile:

Third Eye on Stuff 0

Also, a very useful resource that can guide you to the work of current researchers and anslysts:

A List Compilation of Currently Active UFO Researchers and Analysts….


This site will examine voluminous published case histories of people reporting direct encounters and experiences with the great variety of beings associated with “UFOs”.

This is not a missionary site promoting any sort of creed or conceptualized conclusion regarding what these cases suggest altogether.

Analysis and speculation will be done with the recognition of our natural human capacities, limits, and the intrinsic conditioning of our human make up.

Examining and sharing notes from the data compiled by private persons publishing their work of investigating and compiling direct encounter cases will hopefully be a resource helping address the inevitable questions many will have now on the heels of the December 16 2017 revelations that came out to all of us through the gateway pages of the New York Times.

Here is a recreation of one of the incidents exploding into public awareness then.  Produced by Dave Beaty:

The main question being…….

Who ARE They?

As Harry Reid and other insiders noted when the Navy pilot film came out, there are already signs of people inside the intelligence and defense communities who have adopted the conclusion (based on the influence of adherence to a fundamentalist religious outlook) that “they” are demons.

These folks reportedly don’t want their government, or us, paying any attention whatsover to this mystery, as that would dangerously enable “them” further to enter our sphere of existence.

There are also public movements of “contactees” who take the complete opposite view:  these beings represent a higher spiritual mo jo that spur our evolutionary growth (or potentially do so).

We imagine.

We project.

We filter.

All in a way shaped by our unique make up and conditioning.

Clarity about this matter will depend on a relaxed and wordless alertness as we listen to encounter experiencers, around that proverbial campfire.

The reader can help by completing the survey posted here:


The links to the different pages or sections of this site are posted below:

Chronicle of Current Events, Volume 1

A History of Civilian UFO Investigations

Notes from “Encounters With UFO Occupants”, Coral and Jim Lorenzen, 1976

MORE Notes from Encounters with UFO Occupants, Lorenzens, 1976

Notes from “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (Alien Abduction, UFOs, and the Conference at M.I.T.)”, C.D.B. Bryan, 1995

Summary Intro of Text of 2010 Study for DIA on Potential Physics Possibly Enabling Warp Drive

Historical Article in Anderson Valley Advertiser (Local 1890s Airship mystery case)

2015 Survey of Americans by IPSOS on UFOs and ET Visitation

TTSAAS Posting of Declassified USG TicTac Report

New York Times August 2018 Article on 1953 Robertson Panel

Dzogchen Referencing of 13 Other Solar Systems with Civilizations

Skeptico podcast interview with Ardy Clarke, PhD

NY Times on Warp Drive

Further links will be added as additional page articles are started and completed, over time.

This site, with the growing number of article pages linked on the home page, will for a time be actively developing with added resources meant to help educate others.

The focus is mostly on records associated with close encounters of the third and fourth kind.

While today most of the ufo community seems lost and trapped in the tar pit of government coverup issues, surprisingly little focus seems granted to the reports of direct sightings of, and even interactions with, the wide variety of beings associated with “ufos”.

The articles here will be devoted to directing people to the information and resources enabling them to launch their own study of this extensive data.

Probably the most extensive compilation work has been done by Albert Rosales.  He alerts everyone that included in his compilations are BS cases or tall tales, so it helps to delve a little in the known bogus cases that are well known, in order for the reader to have a well functioning BS detector.

The sustained focus on these types of cases began with APRO, headed by Coral and Jim Lorenzen.  See the article summarizing the history of civilian ufo investigation efforts for more details on that.

Before them was the solitary work of Charles Fort in the decades preceding modern ufology.

Today, we have the awesome body of work by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, professor emeritus from the University of Montana.

I do not know if the survey posted here, an attempt to gauge public attitudes and readiness, will ever be done.  An aging and seriously arthritic guy, ie me, can’t pull this off without a small network of at least 2 or 3 others engaged in setting up tabling at public venues and events.

It does appear, these days, that people interested in this subject prefer lone wolf ways over the way of the pack.

The activism networking mo jo is fortunately at work on our Main Stage, engaging the serious dysfunction and regression manifesting with Trump as the iconic representation for this twist in our story as a species.

While people imagine that we are ready for the sure fire exposure of what has been the covert presence of extraterrestrial visitors, this sad turn taken by a third of the population in this planet’s northern hemisphere towards ultranationalism with a heightened fear and anger of  “others” they have black-hatted does suggest that a full disclosure would have potentially disturbing consequences to public health and safety.

But, what others argue, ie that full revealing would spur us to outgrow our immature psychology and ways, may have some merit.

I have obviously been in the “let er rip” camp and actually still am.

Anyway, this site is an education resource. Not a disclosure activism site. As far as the unfolding stories on the coverup and disclosure fronts, I can keep up with the news on twitter.  (I am not on Facebook.)  So far, there, my commenting has been mostly limited to attempting to entice people off Keyhoe Ave and onto Lorenzen Ave.

It isn’t working, lol.

Conspiracies and cover ups are more sexy, apoarently.

Past involvement in field, author far right (March 1992, first Ooeration Right to Know event preceding big July 1993 White House demonstration.  In 1992 Ed Komarek and I had a weeklong educational table at zero point on the White House ellipse.  Ed took this picture which later was the cover photo on an issue of the MUFON Journal.  I got this from the report by Grant Cameron at his PresidentsUFO research site.):


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